Out of my Mind

Spent a little time to find a new part of home
took a little time to make it my own
Took a while to find the reasons for these missing bones
im finally past the stepping stone

It seems like you are always there to catch me
making memories of my favorite saves
And no one never ever said they need me
hoping to find the perfect grave

We’re nearing the end
Before I forget
I wanted to ask you ever since we had met
Now is the time
To make you mine
before you figure out im out of my mind

It’s a bit fake mixed with one part real.
A hole I’ve dug with no dirt left to fill
Its what ive become It’s why you’re the one
I need to end this run

I want to be the one you hope he wants to dream with
That thing you talk about without anyone to be with

And here we begin
I’ll never forget
The time when I asked you on a knee that was bent
And now that you’re mine
It’s a new headline
Making our memories with two towed in line.

Ooooh I never thought that I would ever give it in.
You You make me feel so perfect time and time again.